The trailer model feeders hold 3000lbs. of 3/4 inch cubes. These feeders will feed in piles at 10 ft. intervals or in a steady trail of feed. You can set the feeder to dump from 1 to 8 lbs. per pile. These feeders are capable of handling cubes, any size, ground feed of any combination thereof.  The feeder is very accurate, so why guess at how much you feed.  The feeders are made of heavy gauge steel and have a 2 inch ball hitch with bulldog jack. They come equipped with 8 ply nylon 15 inch flotation tires.


3000 and 6000 lbs Sizes available

DIMENSIONS (5'w x 7'h x 6'l)

*These models come with a counter that fits under the dash of your truck. When you are feeding, you simply set the flow gate to the desired number of pounds of feed that you want to dump per pile, and each time the feeder dumps, it will register on the counter.  The counter has a pushbutton reset.